Thursday, September 24, 2009

Demonstrations In The Wool Tent

Demonstrating spinning with bottle lamb Keebler during a spring festival in my hometown. Boy what I wouldn't give for Keebs to be that small again...although I'm getting a lot more sleep now ;-).

Friday, the first day of the festival, all the sheep and wool vendors demonstrate something to do with their, or should I say our, crafts. We have spinning wheels, several different weaving looms, drop spindles, drum carders, wool combs, needle felting, color blending...

How about everyone who's online jump in and tell a little about what they plan to demonstrate. And for readers who have found this blog - we're trying to get the word out, so pass it along :-) - jump in and tell us what you'd like to see.

Also, while several of our vendors don't have a website and aren't familiar with blogging and commenting, many of us do. I'm working to update the previous post to include links to their sites.

Come visit!


  1. I'll be demonstrating needle felting and drop spindling and I usually demonstrate off and on throughout the entire weekend because I like what I do and enjoy sharing/corrupting new folks ;-).

    Sara (thecrazysheeplady)
    Punkin's Patch

  2. I'll be demonstrating spinning, plying, blending on the wheel for fun yarns, blending on the drum carder, drop spindling, needle felting and may do a make and take needle felting and/or carding project for cost of supplies on Friday and Saturday.

  3. Hello everyone!

    I will be demonstrating the use of the flicker and spinning art yarn from the lock using a spinning wheel. I will also have several models of Louet wheels available for folks to try out:)


  4. Well I have to say that I am looking forward to the demonstrating portion of the festival! Mostly, being new into the world of fiber arts, I have much to learn from the fellow demonstrators! As far as my demonstrating, I will be demonstrating the drop spindle. I also plan to bring some homemade combs (if you promise not to laugh at my rustic 'tree branch' combs-lol.) to demonstrate combing wool in preparation for spinning and I'll also bring my 'fricke' spinning wheel to have on hand if someone wants to take it for a spin!

    Tonya Fedders
    Flat Creek Wool and Pottery

  5. I am going to bring something a little different this year. Last year I demonstrated how to use wool combs. Since I see that Tonya from Flat Creek Wool and Pottery will be demonstrating with hers, I want to do something different. :) I will be bringing my tatting. If you have never seen this lacework you should stop by and check it out. It is done very simply with 2 slip knots. It resembles crotchet. Hopefully I can find all the tatted items that I have collected over the years to display as well. Gotta find that small tatted table cloth - it is amazing! If you tat bring your shuttle or needle and come sit and tat with me. :)