Saturday, September 9, 2017

While You Wait

The Wool Festival's program cover sheep this year is Tavia, a Jacob sheep from Equinox Farm in Cynthiana.  Jacob sheep are black and white or occasionally a "lilac" gray/brown and white spotted sheep.  They are multi-horned and must have at least two horns, but can have up to six.  Tavia has four.  

While not proven that the breed actually traces back to Jacob's spotted sheep from the Bible, they were named Jacob's sheep because of their resemblance to the sheep from the story of Jacob removing the spotted sheep from his father-in-law's flock.

Jacob sheep are prized for their soft, colorful fleeces which can be separated out to create black and white yarn or blended to create multiple shades of gray depending on how much of each color you use.  Tavia's spring shearing will be on display in the Wool Tent.

While you are waiting for the festival to get here, here's a fun way to spend some time.  Click the puzzle to play :-).


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