Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sheep To Shawl Demonstration

Aaron McDaniel did a one man Sheep to Shawl demonstration this year.  I missed pictures of picking, sorting and carding, but did catch a few of the highlights throughout the weekend.  

Warping (preparing) the loom.  The warp threads are the threads that go "north to south", in this case the white yarn.  

Next he spun some yarn from a fleece he'd already washed, but hadn't sorted or carded until he got to the festival.

He used a black and white Jacob fleece and separated the colors into light and medium grays.

He wove two narrow panels on a rigid heddle loom.  This loom is his own design.  The gray Jacob yarn going "east to west" is the weft.

The first panel just after it came off the loom.

This is a more accurate color.  Just beautiful!

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